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Our Service Mission is to support the artist's grow and reach creative independence.


Haven Project was shaped out of a wish to give the opportunity to those who seek it and empower people to chase their dreams.

With this platform, we aim to create an environment for you to experience growth and connect with others. 

Through example, we build ourselves to inspire you to build yourself.

"My lighthouse is a beacon for those seeking a path less traveled. If you chose to tread this path you will be ready to carry the weight of your ambitions by the time you reach the lighthouse"

- Keeper



Creatives around the world gather in online platforms to share their work. Is that really enough?


We don't believe so: which is why we focus on building a community with you!

One in which you feel inspired to dream and are challenged to execute on them. 

Bringing you together with other creative minds



With our Facebook group, website, forum, and community challenges.


 with our Community events like Creative Connect where you can meet to collaborate, share your ideas, projects, and stories.

Together with your peers become a builder of a community where impact you make matters.